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So! This is one I've been thinking about recently:

Here in Minneapolis we had a big global upheaval about four years ago, and our local paper the Star Tribune did some GREAT reporting. They won a Pulitzer for it! And individual reporting, or a summary story published last year, appears on SOME queries surrounding the event.

But the further I get from the word "minneapolis," say, with something popular but definitely indicating a bias, the popular search term "BLM riots 2020," the less I can find from official sources. And the less, by far, I can find from the Star Tribune.

Do you think news organizations have a responsibility to keep, in their digital archives, a topical landing page about major events optimized for a variety of topical search results? Or an easy gateway to factual content around major events?

I just want anyone searching for any term that clearly indicates they are looking for what happened following George Floyd's murder... I want them to find the paper's account and not some rando or the Washington Times or what have you.

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