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I just finished reading your article on [SEO tools: The best for your news publication], and I found it incredibly informative and insightful. The points you discussed about [SEO Tools] really resonated with me.

In fact, I recently wrote an in-depth piece on a related topic on my website [https://www.worldofbusiness.info/2023/07/seo-tools-top-20-seo-tools-to-rank-your.html]. It covers [20 SEO tools along with a brief explanation of each tool and how it can help you improve your website's rankings in search engines]. I believe it could complement your article and provide your readers with additional valuable insights.

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Next topic for #WTFisSEO: Crawl Budget sounds good. Especially the handling of many articles and the necessity of archiving, rules for deindexing (which parameters do you recommend) and for exclusion by the Robots.txt to prevent the repeated crawling of countless old articles and to save the crawl budget.

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