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What is WTF is SEO?

WTF is SEO? is a newsletter for news publishers. It helps you - whether your publication knows all the things about search or it’s just you doing it all - understand, prioritize and make actionable growth for your outlet.

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Why was it created?

One day, Jessie asked Shelby an SEO question. She was frustrated by the fact there were very few - if any - resources around SEO for news. Shelby worked at The Globe and Mail for three years as a newsroom SEO specialist, and Jessie is an audience editor at The Globe now. So they decided to take their knowledge and make WTF is SEO.

What should I expect?

An in-depth look at what SEO is. Strategy and concept ideas. Actionable items. Vegan stuff. Pictures of trees.

Three posts to start with

  1. 11 SEO concepts publishers need to know 

  2. What's the hype about HTML?

  3. Publishers: Here's how to use keyword research for news

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Making sense of search for publishers.


Two audience and SEO editors (Jessie Willms and Shelby Blackley) sharing advice, interviews and more on using search for news and publishers.