Sitemap - 2021 - WTF is SEO?

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How do you ‘target’ a keyword?

All about keywords

Ask a News SEO: What do you wish you knew about search on day one?

Google Search Console: Five tips for publishers

5 types of schema for news

Ask a news SEO: How do you advocate for search in your newsroom?

What we learned at NESS, the first-ever news SEO conference

What is a content audit for news SEO?

🤔 What is topical authority and how do I get it? 

Five things you can do RIGHT NOW to help your SEO strategy

Structured data for live news

Thin and duplicate content: What news SEO need to know

Every SEO concept we’ve covered in 29(!!) issues 

Let’s get technical 🔧

SEO for planned news events

Ask a news SEO: How do you convince your newsroom search is worth the effort?

What’s the deal with search volume?

We saw bonkers search traffic – where's it from (and why)?

Ready for it? Olympics 2021 best practices for news SEO

✅ Your on-page SEO checklist

SEO for news: The 11 best search tools for audience editors

📷 All about images

Google's Core Web Vitals update is coming. Here's what publishers need to know

Why are content pillars useful for news SEO? 

SEO ideas for a new news product

How TF do I … find the top-referring keyword for a news story?

Breaking news SEO (pt. 3): When the party’s over 

Breaking news SEO (pt. 2): How to use structured data for live events

Breaking news (pt. 1): How to optimize breaking news for search  

What is structured data? How can it support E.A.T. efforts?

What is E.A.T. for news SEO? Understanding the content Google wants more of

Categories or tags? Breaking down the WordPress features

Rich snippets 101 for news publishers

How news SEOs can build a backlink strategy

News publisher SEO: Why internal links are key to your search strategy

Playing the evergreen SEO long game

Three tips to write effective SEO headlines for news

What's the hype about HTML?

11 SEO concepts publishers need to know 

How to use keyword research for news publishers

The very basics of SEO for news publishers 

Making sense of SEO for news publishers.